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- Comic-Con July 2015 - Preview Night -

Welcome To Comic-Con 2015.!

Walking over the Pedestrian Bridge.!

The soon-to-be craziness of Comic-Con in Downtown San Diego.! =)

The line to head upstairs to get our badges.!

Another year, another Comic-Con.! =)

Preview Night on The Floor.! I spy with my little eye....MINIONS.!!! =)

Huge display of Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit, codename = "Veronica".!

Checking out the WB Booth for some free goodies.!

We Bare Bears.! New cartoon coming out, but all I saw was a Panda.! =)

Of course I pick the cover w/ the Panda on it.!

Having some goofy fun times w/ some bear friends.! =)

And finally, the chaotic mess that IS Comic-Con.!

This year, I decided to buy some collectibles from Toynami, but spent 1.5 hours in line.! =(

Super Deformed Voltron ($150).!

Robotech Anniversary - GBP-1 Stealth Fighter Heavy Armor ($99).!

Robotech Anniversary - VF-1S Super Deformed Stealth Fighter ($15).!

Ran into my buddy, Ed.! Hang loose bruddah.!

Also ran into my long time buddy, Shawn.! Shoooot.!!

Tammy and I waiting for an Advanced Screening of "The Gallows".!

The cast and crew of "The Gallows" introducing their film.!

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