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- Comic-Con July 2015 - Day 4 -

Standing in another line to get into the "Game of Thrones" Experience.!

Found Doreen, Ed, and Carrie in line.!

There's me.! =)

Ed (as Rob Stark), Carrie, Doreen, Tawny, Me, and Tammy.! Ready to Experience The Realm.!

It's almost time.! 2 hours of waiting.!

#ExperienceTheRealm free water.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Torched By A Dragon line.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Other side of the experience.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Daenerys costume.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Behind the scenes of being Torched By A Dragon.!

What time is it.?? Ouch, that hurt.! Lol.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Behind the scenes for being Turned By A White Walker.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - White Walker Jason - RoaR.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - White Walker Jason - Cheeeezzeeee.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - White Walker Jason - Hhmmmmm.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - The Mountain's Sword.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Arya costume.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Cersei costume.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Jaime costume.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Tyrion costume.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Capt Morgan on the Iron Throne.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Doggie on the Iron Throne.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Behind the scenes for My Interactive Sword Portrait.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - Swinging Arya's wooden sword.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - My final Sword Portrait.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - End of the experience.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - GoT toys.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - GoT crafts.!

"Game of Thrones" Experience - GoT costumes.!

My Melody and Little Twin Stars.!

Spiderman as a pedicab driver.!

The trolley decorated w/ "The Muppets".!

Heading back into SDCC w/ the crazy crowd.!

Strange unicorn thingy.!

Mr. Meeseeks.!

Err Fu and Ignignot Fu from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force".!

Waiting for the carnival games to begin.!

The hot sun is making the crowd restless.!

More people.!

The main thing was to get a free t-shirt.!

Decided to get a Toonami printed shirt.!

Heading back into The Floor.!

"Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" Signing - Elizabeth Gillies and Denis Leary.!

"Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" Signing - Elaine Hendrix and Elizabeth Gillies.!

"Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" Signing - John Ales and Elaine Hendrix.!

"Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" Signing - John Corbett.!

"Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll" Signing - Robert Kelly.!

Slave Leia and Alien.!

Taking pix w/ a scary clown.!

A creepy ass clown.!


These guys were bored so they tried to stack up a bunch of cards.!

Lots of Marvel characters.!

"Star Wars" figures.!

"Star Wars" vehicles.!

Trying to get through to the other side.!

C-3PO and a speeder.!

Spotted LeeAnna Vamp posing w/ C-3PO.!

Scored a picture w/ Ms. LeeAnna Vamp.! =)

I keep running into Erin all around The Con.! Lol.!

Spotted Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock) walking around The Floor.! He wasn't taking any pictures, but I shook his hand.!

Hello Kitty exclusive military dog tags.!

Checking out one of my favorite booths.!

Super Deformed Gundam.!

Normal scale Gundam.!

I am still tempted to buy this $218 Perfect Grade Gundam Unicorn model.! =P

Magnetic floating Iron Man.!

Various DC figures.!

"Avengers : Age of Ultron" figures.!

"Star Wars" characters.!

Another Hulkbuster vs Hulk scene.!

"Avengers : Age of Ultron" Iron Man armor.!

"Avengers : Age of Ultron" ivory sculpture replica.!

"Attack on Titan" figures.!

More "Attack on Titan" figures.!

"Dragonball Z" figures.!

More "Star Wars" figures.!

Come to the Dark Side.!

Various Gundam Astray Red Frame figures.!

Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame.!

Spotted another homie, Eric.!

How many versions of R2-D2 can one customize.?


Terminator R2-D2.!

AT AT R2-D2.!

"When Mars Attacks" R2-D2.?

Some scene from "Star Wars".!

BBQ R2-D2.!

Buzz Lightyear R2-D2.!

Finn the Human R2-D2.!

Pirate R2-D2.!

Female Sims R2-D2.??

Slimer R2-D2.!

Dalek R2-D2.!

Doctor Doom R2-D2.!

Oscar The Grouch R2-D2.!

Drone R2-D2.!

Many Guns R2-D2.!

USDA approved Watermelon R2-D2.!

Disco R2-D2.!

3D Printer R2-D2.!

Where's Waldo R2-D2.!

Voltron figurine.!

Megatron figurine.!

"Guardians of The Galaxy" characters and Sailor Moon .!

Han and Chewy.!

Huge Tie Fighter replica.!

Yet another Hulkbuster vs Hulk scene.!

Sexy lady Stormtroopers.!

Lol.! Only at Comic-Con.!

Samarai Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and Imperial Guards.!

I am Batman.!

No.! I am Batman.!

Harley Quinn and Joker.!

Some girl w/ some fancy key.!

How did Anubis end up at Comic-Con.??

My, that's a huge ax.!

Ran into Mr. Mike.!

A bird's eye view of The Floor.!

Another bird's eye view of The Floor.!

Last hour of The Con and I'm still trying to get more Tsum Tsum pins.! Lol.!

Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros..!

DBZ keychains.!

Another "Dragonball Z : Resurrection F" Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku figure.!

Oh my, that's a huge gun.!

Ran into Kamran, Sarah, and family.!

Ok, last time for Tsum Tsum pins.! Me, Tammy, Tawny, and Mike.!

The photographers requested we use props.! =)


Warcraft display.!

Comic-Con, Done.!

The sea of humanity finally departing.!

The 5th Doctor w/ a 10th Doctor muppet.! Lol.!

How long is it going to take to cross the road.?

Adios Gaslamp District.!

My collection of Tsum Tsum pins.! Winking Elsa is my prized possession.!

Entire collection of "We Bare Bears".!

Free stuff that I've collected.! I'm trying to limit all the crap that I get.! Lol.!

Few things that I've purchased.! =)

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