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- Comic-Con July 2016 - Preview Night -

Here we go again.! Another year, another Comic-Con.! This year features special RFIDs.!

Ad for MTV's Fandom Fest party.!

The calm before the storm.!

Time to trek to the SD convention center.!

Got my starter kit and GoT has their traditional banner in the Sails Pavilion.!

What a hammmm.!

Of course, a dinosaur with a lightsaber.!

Lining up to get onto The Floor for preview night.!

View of the crowd coming down the escalators.!

The Powerpuff Girls.!

Disney Tsum Tsum booth.!

Of course I run into fellow Tsum Tsum addict at the booth, Derek.!

Limited edition Cinema Set and Han Solo & Greedo set.!

Chrome Armored Baymax and Chrome Armored Captain America.!

Zombie makeup on Bizarro-Girl.!

The infamous FOX booth.!

BBC America booth.!

The sea of humanity of what is, Comic-Con.!

TBS Conan booth where one can wear VR googles and Conan's big head.!

MTV booth.!

Me as a Captain America action figure.! =)

Hot Wheels Star Wars X-Wing car.!

LEGO Captain America.!

LEGO Wonder Woman.!

LEGO Star Wars Rogue One Death Squad Trooper.!

LEGO - "I'm Batman" w/ convention center replica.!

Marvel scene made up of all LEGOs.!

Who can pass up free selfie pix.!

Am I hiding my identity.??

And so begins, "Suicide Squad" will be taking over all of Comic-Con.!

From the Sideshow booth - Batman and Superman.!



Original Harley Quinn.!


Batman Beyond.!


"Batman vs Superman" - Batman.!

"Batman vs Superman" - Batman and Superman.!

Wolverine vs Hulk.!


Me and Snooooopy @ the Peanuts booth.!

CAPCOM's new game, Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard.!

Of course I find a Panda and a Bunny for sale.!

My favorite, Gundam models.!

Final scene from the original "Ghostbusters" movie.!

Street Fighter's M. Bison.!

Original 60's "Batman".!

Justice League.!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.!


Large sized Tsums for sale... Any takers.!

DC booth.!

Getting toward the end of Preview Night, the crowd is thinning out.!

Darth Vaders melted helmet from Episode 7.!

Kylo Ren's Lightsaber hilt.!

"Star Wars - Rogue One" costumes.!

"Star Wars - Rogue One" costumes.!

"Warcraft" - Orgrim Doomhammer.!

CW's "Arrow".!

CW's "Flash".!

CW's "Supergirl".!

Deadpool Stormtroop.! Very creative.!

I'm still trying to figure out how to play this Pokemon GO game...!

Time to call it a night.!

My haul for the evening.!

Free bags.!

I actually purchased these Tsum Tsums.! =)

More bought items.!

My yearly venture to the PMBQ booth to buy panda shirts.! =)

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