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- Comic-Con July 2016 - Day 1 -

Aww, a lost electronic puppy.!

Trekking over the Pedestrian Bridge.!

Let the games, begin.!

Ran into Ed and his family.!

The line to get onto The Floor stretches in back of the harbor.!

That dog must be thirsty.!

Ad for "The Strain".!

The Can Man prepping to walk around.!

Finally made it to The Floor.!

Headed over to the FOX booth with tons of poster tubes.! Of course they ran out of the limited edition Ryan Reynolds signed "Deadpool" blu-rays.!


Robotech figures.!

Ran into the Death Star Sanitation Department crew.! They're doing a great job.!

More "Star Wars".!

Ran into Ariel and Flounder by the water.! ;)

Very unique Deadpool art with twine.!

The new "Ghostbusters".! =)

Ran into Mr. Steven Moffat and requested a selfie.!

Deadpool and Ms. Deadpool.!

Another line at Comic-Con.???

Whoop Whoop.! Scored LEGO collectables.!

SDCC exclusive Atom from "Legends of Tomorrow".!

Aliens.?? What Aliens.??

Prince Charming, Snow White, and Dopey.!

Deadpool vs Spiderman.!

Ran into Fermin and Lee as they take off for lunch.!

Captain America statue.!

Another view of the crowd.!

Hodge podge of superheroes.!

The Millennium Falcon from Episode 7.!

Scored a picture with Sailor Moon.!

Sonic Hello Kitty.!

Me pretending to be a Voltron Lion.! ;) RoaR.!

Awesome Spider-Gwen figure.!

The cast of "The Strain".!

Richard Sammel, Kevin Durand, Ruta Gedmintas, and Miguel Gomez.!

A girl just happened to be posting with the Miraculous Ladybug.!

Boba Fett Pimp and Pimptress.!

BB-8.?? Very cool cosplay outfit.!

Family reunion.! Tawny, Asta, Tammy, and Ty

Or course I had to get my own picture with Garona Halforcen.!

Do I look like I can be part of "Supernatural", "The Vampire Diaries", or "The Originals"." =)

Umm, Princess Leia.??

"The Walking Dead" booth.!

Final ending scene from season 6.!

Ewwww.! lol

"Designated Survivor" booth for ABC.!

Ran into Chris.!

Second time through the line, I got the role of The President.! =)

Me in the Oval Office.!

Tammy trying to keep peace in our nation.!

Harley Quinn.!

I thought this was hilarious.!

The hot day called for a large Slurpee.!

Fianlly made our way into MTV's Fandom Fest event w/ Doreen and Ed.!

Kickin' it w/ Tawny and Tammy.!

This ID allows for 1 drink item and 1 food item.!

The crowd is getting restless.!

Ready. Set. Go.!

Welcome to the Fandom Awards 2016.!

Stage that will be used.!

Free Doritos samples.!


This is just the beginning.!

Jolly Ranchers.!

Free foto opp.! Cheeeeeezzeeee.!!!

My 1 food item.! That's barely a snack.!

Getting ready to drop the game piece.!

Whoo hoo.! Ending up winning the MTV branded duffle bag.!!!

Group foto.! The M balloon, from MTV, went missing.!

Last game of the night, digital bell ringer game.!

The award show getting ready to start.!

All the fans ready in anticipation for the show.!

Ended up winning a Jolly Rancher cape.!

Time for another free advanced screening of "Don't Breathe".!

Q&A session with director Fede Alvarez.!

Before the movie started, I spotted director/producer Sam Raimi sitting in front of me.! How many people get to say "I watched a movie with Sam Raimi?" =)

Got a picture w/ Sam Raimi, producer of "Don't Breathe".!

Director Fede Alvarez.!

Autograph from Fede Alverez.!

My haul for today.! =)

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