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- Comic-Con July 2016 - Day 2 -

Early monring view of the convension center.!

Petoco Park from the Pedestrian Bridge.!

What one sees on the other side of the Pedestrian Bridge.!

Lines, lines, and even more lines.! That's where the term Line-Con originated.!

Everyone eagerly anticipating entrance onto The Floor.!

Took a selfie of the line and the lady behind me decided to participate.! Lol.!

And we're off.!

This time, all 3 escalators were actively working.!

"Corpse Bride" characters.!

Got a free "Vikings" horn cup from the History Channel booth.!

Star Wars deformed figures.!

More Star Wars deformed figures.!

New generation Star Wars Stormtroopers.!

Marvel characters.!


Civil War.!

Go Team Cap.!

Flama de la Amistad (Flame of Friendship) sculpture was the site of a Pokemon GO Gym.!

Yet another line.! Conan Pop.!

Ho! Ho! Ho.!

The line to draw random tickets.!

Yowza.! I won a Limited Edition Ghostbuster Conan Pop.!

Who you gonna call.??

Slave Leia.!

Panoramic shot of the harbor behind the convention center.! People already lined up for Hall H.!

"Suicide Squad" version Harley Quinn.!

Sailor what the heck.??

Not sure what character this one is.!

One of the best costumes this year: GoT + Pokemon mash-up.!

More cosplay.!

Awesome huge costume of Star Wars Rancor creature.!

Navi from "The Legend of Zelda" - Hey! Listen.!

Live Long and Prosper.!

Pizza, anyone.??

Of course I randomly end up w/ my favorite Stitch keychain character.! What are the odds.??

The phone version is much easier to play.! Lol.!

Captain America and American Dream.!

Ran into a cosplayer not in costume, Caitlin.! =P


Original Harley Quinn, again.!


Various DC heroines and villianesses .!

New DC Kawaii Cubes.!

Scored a picture with DC's Super Hero Girls.!

The cast of the new "Power Rangers" movie - Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Becky G, and Ludi Lin.!

The WB Booth with "Game of Thrones" signing.! Hodor.!

I was too far away to get close pictures, but I took pictures of the screen.!

Here's the crazy crowd I did NOT want to walk thru for the GoT signing.!

GoT - Nathalie Emmanuel, John Bradley, and Iwan Rheon.!

GoT - Kristian Nairn and Isaac Hemptstead Wright.!

GoT - Liam Cunningham.!

GoT - Sophie Turner and Faye Marsay.!

GoT - Nathalie Emmanuel.!

GoT - Kristian Nairn.!

GoT - Nathalie Emmanuel, John Bradley, and Iwan Rheon.!

GoT - Conleth Hill and Sophie Turner.!

In honor of GoT, I wore my Jon Snow and Ghost (direwolf) shirt.! =)

Sanrio and Sonic The Hedgehog.!

Sanrio and Sonic The Hedgehog.!

Sanrio and Sonic The Hedgehog.!

Darth Daffy.!

Joker and Harley.!

Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Poison Ivy.!

Making my way back into The Gaslamp Quarter.!

Bacon Saves.! Eat more bacon.! Superman approves this message.!

GoT Night King.!

Advertisements for "Sharknado 4 - The 4th Awakens", in Vegas.!

I think this character is from a game.??

Taking a breather and hanging out w/ Grace, Kim, and Marco.!

The new addition, Horton Plaza Park.!

Getting in line for "The Woods" screening.!

Started out as "The Woods" movie.!

Turned into the new "Blair Witch" movie.!

Q&A from the producers of "Blair Witch".!

"Blair Witch" cast was in the audience - James Allen McCune, Wes Robinson, and Brandon Scott.!

Signatures from the cast.!

Today's haul.! =)

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