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- Comic-Con July 2016 - Day 3 -

Early in line to get Conan O'Brien show tickets.!

Conan is very very popular show to attend.!

Always waiting in lines.! =P

Got a free pirate figure for doing the Jig.!

Pirates playing music and giving away free toys.!

Box office at The Spreckels theatre.!

Conan as The Flaming C.!

Ghostbuster Conan protecting the attendees at Comic-Con.!

Scored our tickets for tonight's showing, featuring cast from "Suicide Squad".!

Ran into Jeremy and we sported our Team CoCo wristbands.!

Conan Pops were all given away before we had a chance to draw for tickets.! =(

Mike spotted me walking around while in line for WB autograph signings.!

Mexican versions of Mario and Luigi.!

Lord Petyr Baelish a.k.a. Littlefinger.!

Must be tough walking The Gaslamp in that outfit.!

The famous Gaslamp sign.!

Yes, I agree, Weirdly Awesome.! Lol.!

Uhh.. Hmmm...!

There goes those Sharknado guys again.!

Sharknado Showgirls.!

Of course, a Man In A Barrow.!

Free eats at Car 2 Go stop.!

"The Walking Dead" interview - Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, and Steven Yeun.!

The crowd forming to spot the celebs.!

"The Walking Dead" interview - Michael Cudlitz and Sonequa Martin-Green.!

Back to the convention hall.! Oh, the madness.!

Female Stormtrooper w/ a pink tutu.! =)

Female King Joffrey walking the floor.!

Modern version of Wonder Woman.!

Master Chief as Master Chef.! Lol.!

The original "V".!

"Scooby-Doo" signing - Matthew Lillard.!

"Scooby-Doo" signing - WWE's Paige.!

"Scooby-Doo" signing - WWE's Paige and Sheamus.!

Ran into Leif and his daughter.!

Ugh, the crowd.!!!

Paul Stanley from Kiss, giving me the thumbs up.! =P

What the heck was that.??

The Flash and Wonder Woman.!

Michael Jackson teaching Robin and The 10th Doctor how to dance to Thriller.!

"Time After Time" autograph signging @ The WB Booth.!

Aww, cute kitty kitty.!

Real life Monster High Dolls.!

Walking by the South Park experience.!

Butters and A.W.E.S.O.M.-O.!

I feel like I'm in South Park, Colorado.!


Beware of The Coon.!

Heading into Spreckles Theatre for Conan taping.!

The lobby of Spreckles.!

Sitting high up in the middle section waiting for the show to begin.!

Enjoying our time and excited for the show.!

The people in the crowd brought on stage to do some crazy dancing.!

The cast of "Suicide Squad" ending the show.!

A view from the stage and where we was sitting (in red).!

Conan was thanking the crowd during his final taping of his show.!

Scored The Joker Conan Pop figure and free ticket to watch "Suicide Squad" in IMAX 3D.!

Nerd HQ.!

Poke Stop - Try again later.! Lol.!

A Conversation With Tom Hiddleston.!

The crowd was eagerly waiting for Tom Hiddleston to arrive.!

Zachary Levi auctioning a signed copy of "Heroes Reborn" script episode 1 for Operation Smile .!

Zac and Tom having an exciting Q&A session.!

Listening to the crowds questions.!

Chilling at Nerd HQ.!

Lots of gaming on display.!

Nice place to lounge.!

Having some fun times w/ Grace.!

Free Krave cereal from Kellogg's.!

Nom Nom Nom.!

Anyone else wants some cereal.??

Leaving Nerd HQ patio area.!

Wonder Woman art.!

Free admission to the ALTITUDE Sky Lounge @ Marriott Gaslamp.! Was a bust.! Was there for 5 minutes.!

Overlooking the convension center.!

Overlooking Petco Park.!

The Sith ruled Gaslamp that night.!

My haul for the day.!

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