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- Comic-Con July 2016 - Day 4 -

Last of lines.!!

An attempt to get The Joker Conan Pop.!

Waiting to draw my ticket.! I lost the first pick, but won the second pick.! Forgot to take picture.! Now I have 2 Conan Joker Pop figures.! =)

A Conversation With the Crew of "Sherlock".!

Everyone was anticipating Benedict Cumberbatch, but he was a no show.! =(

Zac Levi (host), Steven Moffat (writer/producer), Mark Gatiss (writer/producer/actor), Sue Vertue (producer), and Amanda Abbington (actress).!

I found Pikachu.! =)

Lex Luthor in warsuit and Supergirl.!

Found a very cool Harley Quinn cosplayer.!

My, that's a very big hammer.!

Another cosplayer.!

There were rumors of a rare Pokemon that was going to be released during the panel.! Turned out to be false.! =( I was already to throw my balls.!

FX Fearless events.!

Place to hang out and recharge.!

Got to experience the cool VR event for "American Horror Story".!

Getting my drink on for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".!

Tammy The Barmaid.!

Advertisements for "The Strain".!

Overview of The Floor (left).!

Overview of The Floor (right).!

Harley Quinn, some dude in the middle, and Wonder Woman.!

Zootpia's Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps.!

Another Harley Quinn image w/ the "Good Night" bat.!

Some strange pirate.??

Comic-Con coming to a conclusion.! Everyone departing.!

Ronald McDonald Thor w/ his Chicken McNugget hammer.!

Resistance is futile.!

Ultimate Spider-Man.!

Joker, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn.!

Day Of The Dead Woman.!

Boo from "Monsters, Inc".!

Another cosplayer.!

Heading back to the car.!

Goodbye 2016 Comic-Con.!

Harley Quinn smiling at me while The Joker chills on the phone.!

My haul and purchases for the day.!

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