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- Jason's 40th 'TRON' Birthday Party -

Panda getting ready for the TRON Party.!

Looking down the stairs.!

View into the living room.!

View into the dining area.!

Glow in the dark jars decorate the stairs.!

View into the kitchen.!

Homemade TRON punch.! =)

Almost ready.!

View into the middle room.!

View of the back food table.!

All my favorite foods to share w/ my friends.!

Minced beef over rice.!

Chinese poridge w/ pork and preserved egg or duck.! Served w/ Chinese donut.!

Vietnamese egg rolls.!

Popeye's fried chicken.!

Signing my 40th poster and free Reeses peanut butter candy.!

Time to start the party.! =)

Whoo hoo.!

Kim and Me.!

Panda body pillow present.! Along w/ everything panda.!

Sue Ellen, Rick, Heather, and Desmond.!

Desmond, Fermin, Lee, and Rick.!

Margie, Grace, and Kim.!

Trish and Amelia.!

Sue Ellen and JD.!

Tony and Tammy, w/ Brad photo bombing.!

Amelia and I share the same birthday.! =)

Homemade Shepherd's Pie.!

Spaghetti w/ meat sauce and chicken parm.! Food is slowly going away.!

Added thick noodles with minced pork and Caesar salad.!

I finally get to eat.! =)

Me and Margie.!

Getting the Jello Cheesecake ready.!

Brad getting he picture taking on.!

Photo bombing picture w/ Trish and Amelia.!

More shenanigans.!

Will you choose the Blue or Orange Jello Cheesecake.?? =)

Margie, Me, and Grace.! Tsum Buddies.!

Me and Amelia.!

Everyone having a great time.! =)

Amelia having fun bouncing.!

Sue Ellen and Me.!

JD, Trish, Sue Ellen, Me, and Amelia.!

Tofu pudding.!

Me and Brad.!

Rick and Me.!

JD and Me.!

Me and Heather.!

Fermin, Me, and Lee.!

Me and Kim.!

Tammy and Me.!

Tammy, Tony, and Me.!

Desmond, Me, and Grace.!

Kim, Desmond, Me, Grace, and Brad.!

Fading glow in the dark jars.!

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